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Building Recurring Revenue & Productized Models for Your Web Dev or Design Agency

Ft. Joel Eschenbach, Partner at Notion Design Group In this episode, Danielle and Joel discuss how to build recurring revenue and productized service models for your website development agency. Other topics of discussion include:👉 Value based pricing👉 Leveraging add-ons👉 Raising pricing with existing clients In this episode: [00:45] Meet Joel Eschenbach[04:00] How to Treat the Ongoing Costs…

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[VIDEO] 7 Principles to Make Your Digital Agency More Fruitful

Although the intrinsic truths of life are evident all around us, including in our agencies, it can be easy to miss the signs we should be seeing as leaders, especially with the busyness and daily demands that come with operating a company. However, when we miss the small yet important nuances of what is happening…

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Leveraging Relationships and Establishing Strategic Partnerships for Sales Opportunities

Ft. Andrew Litchford, Partner at Starling Digital In this episode, Danielle and Andrew discuss the importance of creating a Referral Network & Strategic Partnerships in order to build a sustainable ecosystem where your agency can get new work. Other topics of discussion include: In this episode: [00:37] Meet Andrew L.[03:33] The Value of Trust[06:44] Overcoming Challenges When…

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How to Write a Performance Improvement Plan for Behavior [w/ Sample]

It’s an unfortunate reality faced by employers across industries: Sometimes, you have a difficult employee whose negative attitude is causing conflict with other teammates or even clients and damaging the workplace environment. Occasionally, the employee is facing an external problem or stressor, and by giving them patience and grace, they can work through it and…

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Implications of Fostering Ownership Mindsets Among Creatives

Ft. Wayne Pelletier, Partner at Resonant Pixel Co. In this episode, Wayne highlights the importance for agency owners and hiring managers at agencies to facilitate open and honest discussions with employees about growth paths of them as an individual and about the agency as a whole. To navigate the nuances of creating an environment of open support…

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Lessons Learned in Developing Teams and Maximizing Talent Density at Your Agency

Ft. Danielle Russell, President at Builder Funnel In this episode, Danielle Russell shares her perspective on learning to develop teams within your agency. She clarifies the debate between the benefits of onboarding new teammates and promoting from within. She also talks about what success looks like in a talent-hiring role as an agency grows. We…

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[QUIZ] Do You Need to Establish Separate Visionary vs. Integrator Roles at Your Agency

To move your marketing agency forward requires both a clear, purposeful vision and strategic execution to turn that vision into a reality. Success as an agency is largely influenced by who is sitting in which seats on the bus. Sometimes, the purposeful vision and execution can be accomplished by the same leader. Often times, you…

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Establishing Repeatable Systems & Strengthening Your Operations

Ft. Kayla Baretta, Vice President of Operations at Paper Leaf Managing managers and managing teams is hard work, especially when going through a big transition within your agency. Listen in on Kayla Baretta’s experience in her leadership role at Paper Leaf, which has doubled its team size since she started working at the agency. In…

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7 Ways to Bring Back Honest Debate, Open Up Dialogue, and Make Time for Strategic Curiosity Within Your Remote Agency

Remote working has brought with it a variety of benefits for employees and employers alike. However, it’s also brought some challenges for managers to navigate to ensure the productivity and culture of their agency stay strong. One area where marketing agency managers may be struggling is having open dialogue with their remote employees and building…

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How to Rid Your Agency of Scope Creep & Prevent It In the Future

Project managers are usually driven by a desire to satisfy clients and to produce the highest quality of work possible. Along with that, though, comes the challenge of setting boundaries and taking steps to prevent projects from spiraling out of control. After all, boundary setting conversations are among the toughest to hold.  Scope creep is…

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The Gardener's Guide to Growing a Resilient Agency Preview

Although the intrinsic truths of life are evident all around us, including in our agencies, it can be easy to miss the signs we should be seeing as leaders, especially with the busyness and daily demands that come with operating a company.

This pocketbook, The Gardener's Guide to Growing a Resilient Agency, takes an allegorical approach to the exciting challenge of establishing a resilient and thriving agency and what it takes to be an efficient and nurturing leader in this tenuous and temperamental operating environment.

This quick read will equip you with 7 principles to rethink how you approach the day-to-day of your agency and become more fruitful. Simply submit the form below to download the guide.