Implications of Fostering Ownership Mindsets Among Creatives

Written By Danielle Fauteaux

Ft. Wayne Pelletier, Partner at Resonant Pixel Co.

In this episode, Wayne highlights the importance for agency owners and hiring managers at agencies to facilitate open and honest discussions with employees about growth paths of them as an individual and about the agency as a whole.

To navigate the nuances of creating an environment of open support and growth among individuals will inevitably lead to some growing out of your agency, so Wayne and Danielle also discuss how to navigate those situations.

Other topics of discussion include:

  • Disclosing growth paths during the interview process
  • Separating your expectations of a role from the individual in the role
  • Evaluating assumptions of who does and doesn’t want to be a leader

In this episode:

[00:40] Wayne P. Introduces Himself.

[02:50] How Wayne’s Mindset Changed from Creative/Production to the Leadership Mindset.

[05:22] How Agency Owners Can Foster Ownership Mindsets Within Their Team and Allow Individual Contributors to Grow.

[08:00] Best Practices When Having the Tough Conversations When Individual Contributors Have Outgrown Their Role at Your Agency.

[15:50] Designing Roles and Growth Paths in Changing Economic Environments.

[19:00] Setting Your Agency Up for Success from the Outset: Disclosing on the long-term growth paths during the initial interview. 

[22:00] Collaboratively Right Sizing the Roles at Your Agency

[26:00] Managing Your Hiring Process Like a Sales Process

[30:30] How to Communicate Bad News to Different Kinds of People

[33:25] Having an Understanding of Openness Without Imposing Your Own Expectations of How it is Supposed to Play Out.

[38:26] The Necessity of Generating New Ideas from Across the Levels and Silos of Your Agency. 

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