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How This Agency Increased Client Retention from 49% to 88% in 2 Years

When this agency was trying to grow in 2019, and kept closing new deals, but couldn’t seem to grow, they looked deeper. This agency was already focused on serving a niche industry and had a content marketing strategy working to convert new leads and close new customers. They found that client retention was just 49%…

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How This Marketing Firm Achieved their 15% YoY Revenue Growth Goal

In one year, this market research firm had successfully adjusted their digital marketing approach in order to support their goal of increasing year over year revenues by 15% annually. Looking ahead over the next 3 years, maintaining 15% YoY growth will allow them to double the size of their sales team by 2024. This market…

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How This Agency Increased New Web Projects Revenue by 78%

This advertising and marketing agency has been serving their local community for 40 years. They became an established print and traditional marketing agency well before the internet became a boon for advertisers and made the pivot to also offer digital marketing services when they saw the market shift that direction. For years they did well…

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How This Agency was Positioned as an Industry Authority in Under 1 Year

One of the critical components of becoming a successful creative studio or marketing agency is to become known for doing something that other options simply can’t match. That’s also a primary component that is easier said than done. With focus, clarity, and initiative, it is possible to become a recognized industry authority in a short…

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The Gardener's Guide to Growing a Resilient Agency Preview

Although the intrinsic truths of life are evident all around us, including in our agencies, it can be easy to miss the signs we should be seeing as leaders, especially with the busyness and daily demands that come with operating a company.

This pocketbook, The Gardener's Guide to Growing a Resilient Agency, takes an allegorical approach to the exciting challenge of establishing a resilient and thriving agency and what it takes to be an efficient and nurturing leader in this tenuous and temperamental operating environment.

This quick read will equip you with 7 principles to rethink how you approach the day-to-day of your agency and become more fruitful. Simply submit the form below to download the guide.