ClickUp, AirTable, & Other Useful Tools for Operating Your Marketing Agency

Written By Danielle Fauteaux

Ft. Sarah Perry, Senior Marketing Director at Third Angle

It’s not easy to find the right tech stack for your agency, but it can make a huge difference in how smooth your processes are. Are you considering switching tools in your agency? Don’t miss this episode.

In this episode of RecalibrAgency, Sarah and I discuss:

  • Is there a perfect project management tool for all agencies?
  • How much of an agency’s success with tools is based on the tool versus the actual human behavior behind the tool?
  • What to keep in mind when switching tools in your agency

In this episode:

[00:34] Sarah Perry introduces herself.

[01:49] Likes and dislikes about different project management tools (Trello, Asana, Teamwork, and ClickUp).

[07:47] Does one person in the agency have the responsibility to keep the project management tool clean and useful?

[08:42] Not all team members are on ClickUp yet, Third Angle chose a slow rollout.

[09:19] Managing a sales pipeline in ClickUp.

[11:45] How much of an agency’s success with tools is based on the tool versus the actual human behavior behind the tool?

[14:33] When is it time to switch to a new tool?

[18:05] Besides project management software, what are some other valuable tools that Sarah has found for operating Third Angle?

[21:28] Why tracking time is important for agencies, even if you don’t use cost-based pricing.

[23:08] Advice for agency owners who struggle with shiny object syndrome and change tools often.

Key Takeaway

It’s important to point out that Sarah has been there, struggling to figure out what tools to use to operate her agency.

Is there a perfect tool out there? The answer is no. But tools can make it much easier to work on what matters in the agency.

How you leverage tools to influence the way that your agency is operating and adapting to the human behavior element of the people on your team, is really important. So don’t just look at the features of the tools you’re evaluating, but look at what your team members need.

Don’t be afraid to have those conversations with your team, and avoid shiny squirrel syndrome as much as you possibly can. Set boundaries in place for yourself if that is a big struggle that you have and determine whether a change in tools is really necessary.

Building a successful marketing agency takes grit, a focus on your value, and sometimes a *loving* kick in the pants.

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Danielle Fauteaux, Agency Coach

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