Is it Good to Have a 5 Year Plan?

Written By Danielle Fauteaux

Change is one of the most constant companions in life, in relationships, and in work. I chuckle because within my family, the old adage of, “the only thing you can plan for is for the plan to change,” rings true regularly as the seasons change and the world continues revolving around the sun.

Because of this reality that change will be constant, it’s easy to excuse yourself from being intentional about where you want to land and subsequently, in what direction you’re heading. If I may posit a suggestion:

Plan for 5 years, strategize for 2 years, and implement for 1 year.

When you plan for 5, strategize for 2, and implement for 1, you’re creating a balanced perspective with which to aim your rudders and raise your sails while allowing for adaptability and agility in your strategy and without getting paralyzed into a state of inaction.

Plan for 5

Picture yourself and your business 5 years from now. What does that scene look like? What will you need to get there? What is realistic versus idealistic? Now set your course.

Strategize for 2

Your strategy can be equated to your sails. When the wind is blowing the right direction, you want to catch the wind to get closer to your planned destination. But sometimes the wind will hold you back.

Every year (and every quarter) ask yourself where the wind is headed and discern if that wind will carry your business in the direction it needs to go.

Implement for 1

The tactics and day to day measures you take to support your strategy will change as platforms evolve, tools evolve, teams evolve, partnerships evolve, etc. etc. Determine how best to implement for the year, delegate wisely, and support your teams as needed to make it happen.

Will following this method ensure you reach your 5 year plan? No. But is it good to have a 5 year plan? Absolutely. It will ensure you know what needs done to keep from getting too far off course.

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