A Bookkeeper’s Advice for Crafting Your Annual Budget

Written By Danielle Fauteaux

Ft. Abby Gallo Owner at Terrain Bookkeeping

In this episode, Danielle and Abby discuss how look at your sales pipeline to prepare your annual budget and other key considerations to take into account during the process.

Other topics of discussion include:

  • Measuring Performance
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Time Tracking

In this episode:

[00:24] Meet Abby.

[02:15] How Time Tracking In Your Agency Relates to Preparing Your Annual Budget

[5:57] Why, and How, to Create Budget Scenarios

[7:30] Measuring Your Performance; How Often to Check Actual Figures Against Budgeted Figures

[9:50] In What Ways a Budget Year Over Year Should Look the Same and Different

[16:32] Sales Forecasting and Looking at Your Deals Pipeline to Inform Your Budget

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